At Sant Tirs we have adapted the production process to the product, not the other way around. This allows us to maintain the essence and quality, with a desire for continuous improvement

Master craftsman Miquel

Pla de Sant Tirs

In 1985, Miquel Romeu and his wife, Enriqueta Ferreres, began their business adventure. The couple used to travel to Ribera de Urgellet, in Pla de Sant Tirs, where they usually tasted the delicious artisan wafers they made in the village. Pursuing a romantic dream, they decided to buy that artisan workshop and founded Neules Artesanes Sant Tirs.


It was clear to them: they were going to modernize the production systems, but they would be faithful to the roots of the craft that captivated them. They would maintain the artisanal production and the use of natural ingredients, making these wafers unique.

Modernizing without losing the essence, the key to growth
The new phase of Neules Artesanes Sant Tirs

In 2002, the company grew so much that a change of location became necessary. Neules Sant Tirs moved to Puig-Reig, Berguedà, where it continues to work actively today. The investment in machinery and the increase in productivity has made them, little by little, bigger. Currently, Miquel and Enriqueta’s son, Quim, ensures the continuity of the company with his involvement in a project that no longer belongs to just the two of them.

One more step in our growth, 2012

In 2012, Neules Sant Tirs opened its current factory: more space and more technology in its facilities allowing the company to guarantee the most demanding food certifications. A step forward that opens the door to the creation of new products, such as gluten-free products, which have a specific area dedicated exclusively to their production.

Sant Tirs faces the future with optimism.  More and more people consume the product outside its usual season – Christmas. The wafers are irresistible with an imitable flavour – thanks to the artisanal elaboration combined with the love to detail that Sant Tirs puts in them.